Lyndsey Powell

Massage Therapist

Lyndsey has been a massage therapist for ten years practising in a number of different health and wellbeing settings, most recently including celebrity favourite Soho Farmhouse.

Her treatment methodology combines remedial and holistic massage with a strong desire for person centered care.


Throughout her career Lyndsey has taken the time to collaborate with health and fitness professionals to better understand the broad applications of massage which has helped her to fine tune her skills to a range of scenarios including the management of psychosocial factors such as poor sleep and stress management.


Lyndsey says "My approach combines massage with focused relaxation techniques which is a perfect solution for anyone needing to switch off for a while"













Treatments start with a brief consultation followed by your choice of background music from a selection of meditative and relaxation soundtracks. 


Once on the couch your treatment begins with some deep breathing using lavender essential oil, known for it's natural relaxing properties. This is then followed by a relaxing full body massage. Your experience ends with a hot towel foot and scalp massage including lime essential oils to leave you feeling totally relaxed yet invigorated. 

To find out more visit Lyndsey's Instagram Page: mindfulmassagebylyndsey














Meditative Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Exfoliating Massage

60 Minutes £50

30 Minutes £30

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