IPL Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

IPL treatment for Skin Tightening and Pigmentation Reduction

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology uses a broad spectrum light which penetrates the skin to target some of the most common skin concerns such as;

Pigmentation: brown patches on the skin causes by sun damage or aging.

Melasma: caused by sun damage or hormone related.

Broken capillaries: caused by sun damage or facial aging

Rosacea: caused by hormonal factors


IPL also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, helping to even out skin tone, brighten the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. A difference can be seen after only one session, monthly treatments are recommended to maintain results.


IPL treatment for skin is also effective for hand rejuvenation, regular treatment improves skin condition and plumpness, leading to a more youthful appearance.

Treatment is comfortable our clients love the results. IPL treatments can be combined with our Hydrafacial treatment and/or Radiofrequency skin tightening to further improve skin health and lift and tighten sagging skin.


You can book single IPL sessions, treatment courses, or add IPL into to other popular treatments such as Hydrafacial and HIFU to further improve your skin tone and texture.

Brighten & Tighten
IPL Intense Pulsed Light combined with Radiofrequency treatment visibly brightens and lifts the skin. Radiofrequency gently heats the skin stimulating the bodies natural collagen production. Leaving skin brighter, tighter and lifted after only one session. A course 3 - 5 treatments is recommended for best results
Lift, Brighten & Tighten
Intense Pulsed Light + Radiofrequency to brighten and tighten the skin.

Your skin will feel and look rejuvenated after only one session.

With IPL+RF we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions for best results
Rejuvenate, Brighten & Tighten
Brighten and rejuvenate the skin using IPL intense pulsed light and our popular HydraFacial treatment. This award winning facial exfoliates and hydrates leaving your skin glowing

Reduces pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin leaving it glowing.
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Watch and IPL Hand Rejuvenation Treatment
CAUTION: Video Contains Flashing Light


Before any treatment can take place you will need to book in for a consultation and patch test. This is important to ensure you are suitable for treatment and that your skin will tolerate the IPL treatment without a reaction. Skin reactions are very rare, but with any laser treatment your safety is important. Your treatment can start 48 hours after your patch test.

Your skin therapist will assess your skin and discuss your treatment goals. At your first session you will be taken to our specialist treatment room. You will be given dark eye protectors to wear which are designed to ensure the light from the IPL does not penetrate your eye to ensure your safety. Cool gel will then by applied to your face and treatment starts. You can expect to feel warmth from the IPL light. If you have opted to include radiofrequency skin lifting within your treatment, you will feel slightly more heat in circular movements which is similar to a hot stone massage.

IPL Hand Rejuvenation
before and after 3 sessions of hand rejuvenation using Intense Pulsed Light
Pigmentation Reduction
Before and After pictures of pigmentation reduction using IPL treatment
Skin Lifting with HIFU
HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift is a good option to consider if there is more skin laxity. Can be combined with radiofrequency treatment for optimal skin tightening
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