Why Choose Our Dermal Fillers And Botox For Your Face

The culture around dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, i.e.Botox® has shifted in the recent years. Tighter control around the people who are allowed to perform the treatments means you can find experienced practitioners and quality service.

If you are looking to erase the wrinkles and creases in your face or you would like to improve the volume or definition of your lips and cheeks, ERA Skin & Laser Clinic can help you through the whole process with confidence.

Why choose dermal fillers and Botox to revitalise your skin?

Popular for use across the face, our dermal fillers and Botox services are tailored to the problems that you want to improve. Dermal fillers are effective at boosting a particular area with a small injection.

This simple process is great for anyone looking for any of the following services, with our competitive prices alongside them:

  • Lips - £350

  • Vermillion Border & Philtrum - £350

  • Cheeks from - £350

  • Nasolabial (laughter lines) - £350

  • Jawline definition and cheek enhancement, from - £350

  • Hand hydration (using skin boosters/Vital) - £950

  • Hand Hydration (using dermal fillers) - £500

  • Fine lines / smokers’ lines - £350

What makes ERA Skin & Laser Clinic different?

We are a Doctor led clinic, and always offer free of charge consultations to explain everything and create a bespoke treatment plan to address your concerns. No treatment will go ahead until we are both certain that you will be getting the desired results.

To complement this experience, we can also offer a wide range of options and services to boost your confidence and refresh your outlook.

Get in contact to book your initial appointment.

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