What Is A Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment?

What can you do about excess fat? Dieting and exercise will sometimes not quite get to the root of those pockets of fat, and you may begin to consider the alternatives. To aid and support reducing the fat on your legs, stomach, arms, thighs, chin and more, our non-surgical fat reduction treatment may be right up your street.

Our team at ERA Skin & Laser Clinic empathise that this will be a big decision for you to make. We will expertly guide you through the process and explain everything you need to know about our non-surgical fat reduction treatment: Cryolipolysis.

Why choose cryolipolysis to reduce fat?

Also known as fat freezing, the treatment involves no needles, jabs, pain or anaesthesia. The treatment works by utilising the power of vacuum technology which is combined with a microcurrent to tone the skin whilst your fat cells are frozen.  The procedure is painless with most people reporting that after 5 minutes the area simply feels numb. There is no downtime allowing you to simply get on with your day immediately after treatment.

The main reason our non-surgical fat reduction treatment is trusted at ERA Skin & Laser Clinic is due to the high satisfaction rate of our previous customers. Between 80-90% of our patients were impressed by the results – which can be seen after around 30 days and more so between eight and twelve weeks after the treatment – of our cryolipolysis treatment.

Our technology doesn’t just freeze fat, we can also reduce your cellulite and firm up saggy areas like buttocks and thighs.

To book yourself in for a consultation appointment with our team at ERA Skin & Laser Clinic, speak with our qualified Cryolipsculpt therapist.