Trusted And Professional Permanent Laser Hair Removal

It can be embarrassing and restrictive to have hair on your body as a woman. The standards that we feel dictate what we wear, how we feel and how we should look can restrict us, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our permanent hair removal services at ERA Skin & Laser Clinic could be ideal. Removing hair professionally and without the associated pain, our professional skin experts will give you a service you can trust.

What area of the body can be treated by our permanent hair removal?

Our clinic has invested in some of the latest releases onto the market, and that is evident with our hair removal technology. The laser hair removal products we use are suitable for all types of skin shade and colour, offering precision and reliability at each turn.

This precision allows our permanent hair removal to be used on almost any area of hair on the body. As always, however, our team will provide you with all the assurances you need from start to finish.

Why choose ERA Skin & Laser Clinic?

Our skin care experts are not looking for a quick sell. We are always looking to provide and apply the best solutions. This is shown in our permanent hair removal services which will always start with a patch test to make sure of the area’s suitability.

We offer four different types of laser here which mean we can find the right one for you. Diode, ND:YAG, IPL and Alexandrite are all available from our clinic.

To discover more about our laser hair removal service and how you can benefit from our treatment plans – including free sessions and simple monthly repayment plans – at ERA Skin & Laser Clinic, get in contact with us today.

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