For Daily Use:


The FaceLife mask is designed to help protect those around you. By efficiently covering the nose and mouth it helps to minimise the spread of germs from you to others. The masks utilise infused copper CuTec technology which permanently binds copper directly to the fiber matrix of the nylon



82% Copper CuTEC® nylon binds copper to fabric fibers and is woven into both sides of the mask for dual protection.



Complete facial coverage with moisture-wicking nylon that is ideal for extended wear.



Effective active copper over the life of the product. Wash at 60C


The People Behind the Protection.


At HydraFacial, we’ve been innovators in personal health care for more than 20 years. We partner closely with the aestheticians, medical professionals and skin care specialists to help us promote smart Skin Health solutions every day. So it’s only natural that we’re stepping up to innovate new ways to provide personal care as you travel to and from clinic.


All FaceLife masks are manufactured in the USA at an FDA-certified facilit


Facelife Mask


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