Are Hydrafacial results immediate?

Your skin will look and feel more hydrated with a radiant glow. It will feel smoother too. Results continue to improve up to a week.

Are Hydrafacials good for acne?

Hydrafacials are beneficial for acneic skin because they remove congestion from the pores which causes inflammation and breakouts. Regular Hydrafacials have been proven to improve acneic skin.

Are Hydrafacials safe?

Millions of Hydrafacials have been carried out globally making it one of the safest medical facial treatments around.

Are Hydrafacials good for your skin?

A Hydrafacial actively improves your skin health through it's patented exfoliation system and antioxident packed serums used to hydrate your skin.

Can a Hydrafacial cause breakouts?

As with any facial treatment, you may experience breakouts following your Hydrafacial treatment, these will be temporary and are as a result of opening up your pores to remove surface debris

Can Hydrafacial cause acne?

Hydrafacials remove pore clogging dead skin cells which contribute to acneic skin, they do not cause acne

Can I have a Hydrafacial if I have an allergy?

Hydrafacial allergens are listed as honey and shellfish which are contained in some of the serums used. 

What happens when I book a Hydrafacial

Before any treatment can take place, you will have an initial consultation to discuss your skin concerns and also ensure that you are suitable for treatment. Your therapist will explain each stage of the Hydrafacial so you know what to expect during your treatment.

How often do I need a Hydrafacial

Everyone is different. If you have a one off event to attend, you will see a benefit from one treatment. Most of our clients choose a monthly treatment as regular treatments help to stimulate collagen production and improve skin tone and texture.

How much does Hydrafacial cost?

Depending on your skin needs there are different hydrafacials available. Expect to pay around £95 for a Signature Hydrafacial. Click here to see all Hydrafacial options. Hydrafacial treatment packages include free treatments and are a more cost effective option if you are looking for a monthly treatment or want to spread the cost.

Can I have a Hydrafacial if I'm pregnant?

Hydrafacial is not recommended if you are pregnant

How long should I have a Hydrafacial before an special event or a wedding?

We recommend having a Hydrafacial 48 hours before a special event. If you have regular Hydrafacials, you'll know how your skin usually reacts and may prefer to have one 24 hours beforehand. If you are looking to book a Hydrafacial for an upcoming event and have not had one previously, you might like to book a free online skin consultation with one of our Hydrafacialists

What can I expect after a Hydrafacial?

Everyone is different, if your skin is sensitive, there may be a some redness as a result of the exfoliation but this is temporary and will resolve after a couple of hours. You'll receive aftercare advice following your Hydrafacial treatment to explain how to get the best results from the treatment. 

Do I need to wear a SPF sunscreen after my Hydrafacial?

You should wear a broad spectrum SPF daily whether or not you have a Hydrafacial, to help prevent premature aging :)!

Which Hydrafacial is best?

If you are looking for a lockdown skin boost, then choose a Signature Hydrafacial. If you suffer from puffiness around the eye area then a Deluxe Hydrafacial would be best. If you suffer from dryness around the eyes, then choose a Hydrafacial which includes an Eye Perk treatment. If you are concerned about skin-aging or dullness, choose a Hydrafacial which includes a Booster. If you have stubborn pigmentation then a Hydra-Lite would be your best option. If you are looking to tighten and tone your skin, then the Hydra-Tite would be best as this option includes radio-frequency treatment to tighten and tone. View the full treatment menu here

Can Hydrafacial remove milia?

Hydrafacial provides a deep exfoliation which can help to reduce or remove milia. 

What age can I have a Hydrafacial?

The age you can have a Hydrafacial will differ depending on the clinic you visit. Some clinics will treat you from the age of 14 with parental consent. Others will only treat over 18's. 

Where can I find a Hydrafacial near me?

You'll find a full list of clinics who offer Hydrafacial treatments online. ERA Skin and laser clinic are one of the leading Hydrafacial clinics, having carried out hundreds of Hydrafacial treatments and serving Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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