Dr Gita Arora

Aesthetic Treatments

Dr Arora trained at Bart’s and the London University of medicine and dentistry and has been a doctor for over 10 years.
Dr Arora has always had a passion in dermatology and facial aesthetics and undertook advanced aesthetic training in London and has graduated from Queen Mary University with a post graduate diploma in dermatology giving her the skill set and knowledge to offer the best overall care in anti-aging medicine as well as dermatological skin conditions. She is currently working alongside dermatologists to enhance her skills further in order to carry out advanced procedures.

Dr Arora currently specialises in
anti wrinkle injections for the upper and lower face and neck to relax the muscles to give a more softer appearance, and can treat axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). She also specialises in the use of dermal fillers for lip enhancement and facial contouring and rehydration of the back of hands.

Dr Arora also offers skin analysis, skin peels and give prescriptions for concerning skin conditions or age related changes with regular follow ups.
Dr Arora believes in a thorough consultation and attention to detail making her skilled at facial assessments and treatment protocols achieving natural results. She is a caring practitioner and prides herself at earning the patients trust and listening to the presenting concerns and expectations with a view to achieve the best results and satisfaction in your journey to achieve the best version of yourself.


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